Life Updates


Hello peeps! It has been a long while since I last posted or updated you on what is going on. Do I even still have readers at this point? Whether you are a loyal reader who is still around or a new reader who happened to have stumbled upon my site: Welcome! (more…)



Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. I am grateful for my wonderful husband, who has stood by me through thick and thin. I am grateful that we had 6 wonderful years of marriage with more to come. I am grateful that we are surrounded by so many supportive friends and family through our struggle with fertility. I am grateful that after years of struggle, pain, tears, hope and heartbreak, that we have finally been blessed with the little bean that is growing inside me. Knock on wood we have smooth sailing from here to January.

Weird Dreams

You know what they say about pregnancy bringing weird and vivid dreams? Well let me tell you, it is true!

Ever since I got pregnant I have been having increasingly wild, weird and vivid dreams. Everything from sexy dreams down to the plain weird. I was a big World of Warcraft gamer, so I had a dream that I was in Azeroth (the fictional world in which this game is set) and riding around on a nightsaber (one of the fictional animals you can have as a mount in the game) in order to go do groceries.

However, nothing beats the dream I had last night. There was a giant raccoon using my laptop to chat with his friends. I told the raccoon to stay the hell away from my laptop and he got mad and attacked me. Yeah, messed up…