Ovulation Induction

Changing Protocol

I went back to the RE this past Tuesday and we did another ultrasound. My lining remains unchanged. I find that alarming because I had some heavy flow over the weekend. I don’t understand. My RE does not seem too alarmed yet though.


Stuck On Go

The RE tells me my uterine lining has not shed enough to start on the meds yet. He is having me come back next week for another ultrasound to see if the lining has thinned out enough to start treatment.

He also gave me something to think about. They want to change my treatment. The past two cycles I was on a Clomid and Femara regime and they feel we are not making the progress we want. The only problem is that this med – Puregon – is super expensive. He told me it costs $350. Definitely something to think about.

To Take or Not Take Provera

Aunt Flo has yet to drop in for a visit. I should be taking the Provera to trigger my period now. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative (big surprise!). However, I am debating on whether to take it or not.

You must be wondering why I am not simply taking it and getting it over with. Truthfully, I have a wedding that is coming up in a couple of weeks. I am not exactly in the mood to be having my period in the middle of that hectic week of festivities. Provera is taken for 10 days, which would put me on August 10th. The last time I took it, it took another 5 days before Aunt Flo visited. This brings us to August 15th. The wedding is the 16th.

Another issue is unfortunately about our budget. The wedding is going to be expensive, so if I can push the start of my next cycle back, it would help.

I think I will wait until after the wedding to take it.

No Change

I am really frustrated right now. We did an ultrasound again today and there was no change. None of the follicles seem to have grown and my uterine lining has not changed either.

I was given the choice of packing it in for the cycle or trying the Femara again and see if there is any effect. The only ick is that they will not be able to monitor me for the remainder of the cycle as they are closing this Friday for two weeks.

We decided that it couldn’t hurt to try again. I was prescribed Femara again for five days. I need to go to the pharmacy and buy an ovulation predictor kit. I will have to check my urine for ten days starting next Monday to see if I am ovulating. If I am great, if not I guess we will pack it in for the cycle. The doctor prescribed Provera in case I need to induce my period at the end of the month. This cycle is really putting a strain on me financially. All these meds cost a small fortune, but it is for a good cause.