Project Sibling – Viability Scan

At our clinic, if you are pregnant you get a viability scan at 6 weeks. This is done in order to ensure that the embryo was implanted properly in the uterus and that there is a heartbeat. I have written about how an IVF pregnancy is monitored previously, click here to read more.


Project Sibling – Beta 2 Results

Had my second beta test today and my number today is 1550. Making this a doubling time of 40 hours which is considered normal.

IVF is just a never ending waiting game. Now we wait for our viability scan which is scheduled in a little over a week or week 6 of pregnancy.

Project Sibling – Beta 1 Results

We went in bright and early to the clinic and got the blood drawn for beta. I did POAS a couple of more times since the first home pregnancy test and all the results were positive.

My beta number at 13DP3DT is 295. The nurse says it is a wonderful number. I agree, but cannot help but wonder because my first beta with M was almost 600. Then again, they do say every pregnancy is different right? I go back on Monday for beta number 2.

Home Pregnancy Test Result

Being the impatient person I am, I couldn’t wait till beta to find out whether I was pregnant or not. So this morning at 9DP3ET I decided to bite the bullet and pee on a stick.

And the result was (insert cheesy drumroll here): BFP!!!

For awhile, I was pretty sure it was a BFN. I kept staring at the result window and in what seemed like an eternity, the second line appeared. Very, very faint, but it was there. Beta is on the 5th. I am probably going to have pee stick OCD till then and keep testing like a mad woman.

We Have One In The Deep Freeze


We got an unexpected call from the nurse at the fertility clinic today. We have an embryo that made it to the deep freeze. I am very happy about that because this means we get to try for baby 3 without having to go through the whole ordeal of a fresh cycle again.

We never had one make it to the freezer before. I am not sure if it is because my embryos were never that great to start with or if my clinic just has really strict criteria for what they will and will not freeze.

/happy dance