Remember the Infertile on Mother’s Day

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The week leading up to Mother’s Day used to fill me with dread. While I have a mother, a mother-in-law and friends who are mother’s, I had a very hard time feeling happy for them. In fact, Mother’s Day was my day to shut myself away and cry. Once I was done crying, I was angry at the universe.

While everyone is focused on Mom, people tend to forget those who are childless and grieving in the shadows because of infertility. Sometimes, a well meaning stranger makes things even worse. I remember during the height of my struggle, a cafeteria worker wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, mistaking my swollen belly for a bun in the oven, when in reality it was bloating from all the hormones I was taking for my treatments in hopes of getting pregnant. I didn’t bother correcting her because I did not want to make an awkward situation worse nor did I want to embarrass her even if her lighthearted comment cut like a knife and mortified me to no end.



Project Sibling – Viability Scan

At our clinic, if you are pregnant you get a viability scan at 6 weeks. This is done in order to ensure that the embryo was implanted properly in the uterus and that there is a heartbeat. I have written about how an IVF pregnancy is monitored previously, click here to read more.

Project Sibling – Beta 1 Results

We went in bright and early to the clinic and got the blood drawn for beta. I did POAS a couple of more times since the first home pregnancy test and all the results were positive.

My beta number at 13DP3DT is 295. The nurse says it is a wonderful number. I agree, but cannot help but wonder because my first beta with M was almost 600. Then again, they do say every pregnancy is different right? I go back on Monday for beta number 2.

Home Pregnancy Test Result

Being the impatient person I am, I couldn’t wait till beta to find out whether I was pregnant or not. So this morning at 9DP3ET I decided to bite the bullet and pee on a stick.

And the result was (insert cheesy drumroll here): BFP!!!

For awhile, I was pretty sure it was a BFN. I kept staring at the result window and in what seemed like an eternity, the second line appeared. Very, very faint, but it was there. Beta is on the 5th. I am probably going to have pee stick OCD till then and keep testing like a mad woman.